Why Us

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leaf Why Choose DabJuice
Terps vs. Others?

Good Product Going In = GREAT Product Going out.

At DabJuice, we’re focused on extensive terpene research and development to manufacture the best terpenes on the market for you.

Not only do we produce our own Terpenes, but we use use them in our Products! With over 40 Products avaialble for sale online, and 35 in Dispensaries, we have the Formulas your looking for.

Why Us?

  • Consistent Flavors
  • Award-Winning Profiles
  • Lab Tested
  • Ultra Pure - No Fillers
  • Standard Operating Procedures

leaf Need a custom
Formulation Created?

If you have a favorite flower, or concentrate you’d like reverse engineered, simply reach out below.

We will work with you, to create the exact profile your looking for.

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